We help startups & SaaS grow with SEO.

A small team with big skills

Results from the first month

Most startups can only dream of outranking established companies.

We hit the ground running with low-competition topics to get your foot in the door from day one.

Five customers only

We never work with more than five clients. And you work directly with the founder and his team, no account managers or salespeople.

This is bespoke SEO.

Startups, SaaS, and nothing else

Our founder has led successful marketing campaigns at six tech startups. We're steeped in SEO strategies and know which content type to deploy when. And we're fluent in churn, LTV, CAC, NPS and MRR. We’ve helped multiple SaaS companies hit goals they never thought they could.

We understand the tech

You get nowhere in the tech world unless you really know your stuff. And we're right at home in the worlds of CI/CD, monitoring (including network monitoring), and AI/ML. We take clients’ products on a test drive to determine exactly where the value is and how we can spread the word most effectively.

Does your SaaS need a long-term SEO partner?

Who we work with


SaaS companies have long sales cycles. Retention, LTV, and ROI are crucial considerations. Our experience is in B2C and B2B SaaS, and our proven frameworks mold to your business to drive not only positions but paying customers, to keep your ROI positive.


New ventures by nature have little content and low domain authority. Not for long. We help you compete with established websites by cherry-picking quick-win topics to build authority fast, focusing on getting those crucial first customers from organic search.

Tech & software

Because we understand the technical specifics of your product, we can target the right audience segments with the most effective keywords and quality industry-standard content. We have a strong back catalogue of published content on software development, DevOps, and SRE websites.

Networks & telecom

Our network engineering background and Cisco certificates mean we understand exactly what sets your product apart. We can select the right topics and create professional networking content that showcases the benefits of your product in a way that only experts speaking to experts can.

Our Case Studies

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Our advantages

SEO for startups, right from the start​

Startups’ websites usually don’t have authority to outrank established companies. We start from low-competition topics to drive traffic to you from the first month.

Experience with SaaS

SaaS business has its own specifics: churn, LTV, CAC, NPS, MRR. So there are plenty of SEO strategies and content types.
Our team has successfully leveraged these elements for multiple SaaS companies to reach their traffic goals.

Tech is in our blood

For most agencies, marketing and tech are worlds apart. For us, they intertwine beautifully.
We have a great track record working with CI/CD, monitoring (including network monitoring), and AI/ML. We understand the concepts, so we know how to sell them.

Five clients is our maximum.
We have one slot left.